NOTE: All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Latest Additions

Riding Aslan (ORIGINAL) - $70
As in the title, an energetic, heroic piece written for a theatrical production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Northern Fanfare (ORIGINAL) - $30
A short, regal fanfare to start things off.
Gibraltar (MP3 File) $50
A dramatic, standard quick march
Royal Buglers (tr., W.J. Adams) - $50
A standard quick march
Cross of St. Andrew (tr.) - $30
A standard quick march by G. Jones.
QARNNS March (tr., Terry Attwood) - $50
"In the Falklands war of 1982 the hospital ship was the P&O cruise liner Uganda. This was converted to a hospital ship. The staff were personnel from the Royal Naval Medical Service and Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS). The war role of the Royal Marine bandsman are as First Aiders and stretcher bearers. Hhnce we had Royal Marine bandsman on board. On the way south and back we enjoyed band concerts. In charge of the band was a Warrant Officer Terry Attwood Royal Marines. At the first concert they played a new march Terry Attwood had composed. At that time it was still unnamed. In time we called the ship "NOSH" Naval Oceangoing Surgical Hospital" and the march became known as the "NOSH March" On our return to the UK the march became "QARNNS March" - Julia Massey
The Final Countdown (tr.) - $50
A heavy rock tune.
Stolport March (tr.) - $75
A march by David Arthur during the first year of the Band of the Ceremonial Guard in 1981.
Stalwart Sons and Daughters (MP3 File) ORIGINAL - $70
A barn-burning, patriotic march, using O Canada in the trio. Entry in Millennium Parade March Competition.
Lion Rampant (MP3 File) ORIGINAL - $70
A regal slow march. Entry in the Millennium Parade March Competition.
Queensmen (comp., arr. unknown, tr.) - $50
A straight ahead street march.
Xylophone Apprentice - $40
A novelty piece, showasing the Xylophone.
Star Marches (tr., Courage, Williams, Gray/Woodfield)- $40
A medley of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars and Thunderbirds
Soldiers (abridged version, arr. T.Sharpe) - $50
A medley of war songs.
RAF Fanfare - $30
A short fanfare including the RAF March Past
Mr. Bear's Dance (3-Legged Jig) (MP3 File) - Clarinet or Bagpipe Solo (ORIGINAL) - $60
Mr. Bear's Dance is a jig in 9/8. The Celtic rhythms are energetic but playful. Mr. Bear is my nickname for my son. It can be performed by either solo clarinet or bagipe. A great idea for something happy.
Beati Quorum Via (arr., C.V. Stanford)- $30
A lovely 6-part choir arrangement. Usable for a church service, funeral, etc.
Now the Day is Over (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
The hymn tune.
Paul and Margaret (ORIGINAL) - $50
Written as a processional for the wedding of Paul and Margaret Capon.
The Day Thou Gavest/Last Post (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
The hymn tune with Last Post between phrases.
War Movie Themes (links) (tr. arr. unknown) - $20
Linking music from war movie themes, such as Dam Busters, the Great Escape, A Bridge Too Far.
Dave in Black (ORIGINAL) - $50
Written as a recessional for my wedding. Joyful and quick.
Royal Stuart - (tr., arr. unknown) - $40
A standard march.
Parliament Hill (ORIGINAL) - $40
My first crack at band writing. A standard march.