Highland Cathedral (Bagpipes and Orchestra) - $60
An orchestral arrangement of the recent standard. The solo piper begins with strings, building to a big finish.
Amazing Grace (Bagpipes and Orchestra) - $40
A standard version of Amazing Grace pipers are used to, but not a standard orchestral arrangement. The solo piper begins with strings, winds and brasses coming in with a repeated rhythm. The standard harmonies make way for different, though still tonal, harmonies before fading back to a solo pipes.
Symphonietta for Chamber Orchestra (Mr. Bear's Dance, Slow March, Woods Mettle) (ORIGINAL)
This was a commission for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and was premiered in April 1999 to a very warm reception. The three movements can be performed together or separately.
Mr. Bear's Dance (3')
Mr. Bear's Dance is a jig in 9/8. The Celtic rhythms are energetic but playful. Mr. Bear is my nickname for my son. It can be performed by either solo violin or bagipe. (For bagpipes, parts must be ordered in Bb concert). A great idea for something happy.
Slow March (4')
A rhythmic ostinato goes through permutations as it gets passed around the sections. Horns carry a long line which is repeated by the strings.
Woods Mettle (Orchestra Performance) (5')
Designed for the Woods Manufacturing Company Brass Band, this serves as a great opener or closer. Driving 3/4 sections give way to a soaring horn line in the middle.
Northern Fanfare (1:30) (ORIGINAL)
A quick and flashy fanfare to open a season.

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